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Midyear Offering

Weekend Meals for Kids

Thousands of kids in Miami-Dade rely on their schools to provide them with free meals. But what happens on the weekends? This school year, you can make sure no child goes hungry. Join Weekend Meals for Kids as we provide free food to children who need it the most in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Be a Blessing Initiative?

The Be a Blessing Initiative is an opportunity for small groups and individuals of our church to come alongside families in our community and intentionally serve them throughout the year.  

Who will be served in the Be a Blessing Initiative?

We will be serving families in need from our community that have been identified through our programs and partners. 

Who can serve in the Be a Blessing Initiative?

Be a Blessing is an opportunity for small groups to intentionally serve families in our community together. However, anyone in our church can sign up to serve individually as well. 


What does the Be a Blessing Initiative entail?

Our goal is to intentionally serve families 4 times a year: Back to School, Thanksgiving, Christmas and at Easter. 

Will Christ Fellowship provide ideas on how to support these families?

Absolutely! As a church we will be providing you with clear instructions and ideas on how to serve these families throughout the year. 

Who may I contact for questions about the Be a Blessing initiative?

You may email our Community Engagement team at or speak to your Small Group Director.

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