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Christmas at Christ Fellowship 2023

Dec 3, 2023

Celebrate Christmas at Christ Fellowship! Make your holidays extra special by inviting friends and family to one of our services on December 23rd & 24th. Enjoy live Christmas carols, delicious holiday beverages, snow flurries for the kids and a message that will fill your heart with hope. Visit for available times and locations.

Set Free

Sep 10, 2023

We’ve all heard the stories of old—a burning bush, ten plagues in Egypt, the very first Passover. What if these stories are not just tales of the past, but lessons for today? Join us as we explore the book of Exodus and learn how these historical events help us set free from the chains we still face now.

The Lord Will

Oct 29, 2023

In their exodus from Egypt, the Israelites leave their lives of slavery behind and follow God into the Promised Land—but not without trouble along the way. How did the Israelites respond to their newfound freedom? Why didn’t they obey God’s commands? Join us as we continue our study of the book of Exodus and learn five key promises that God still holds for us today.


Aug 20, 2023

“I Am”. Two words that are so mysterious, yet mean so much. Why does God name himself with these words? In seven “I Am” statements, Jesus reveals the spiritual needs we all have, and how He fulfills every single one. Join us as we explore these statements and how they secure our future.

What Did Jesus Say: War in Israel

Oct 15, 2023

During the past week, we’ve all witnessed the aftermath of the horrific attacks in Israel and Gaza, and the suffering of those affected. As tensions rise and war begins, many Christians have wondered, “Is this the beginning of the end times?" With all the discourse, opinions and arguments surrounding this conflict, we know that what truly matters is what God has to say about it. Join us as we look into how Jesus describes the end times and what it means for us today.

Celebration Service

Aug 13, 2023

For 23 years, Pastor Rick Blackwood faithfully led our church, preaching the gospel and inspiring thousands to become followers of Jesus. Join us as we celebrate his life and legacy.
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