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Ancient Stories

Ancient stories may help us find answers on how to have healthy relationships today.

Part 1: Adam & Eve - Staying United

Sep 12, 2021

Genesis 2:18-25

Learn how to make your marriage division proof.

Part 2: Abraham & Sarah - Trusting God

Sep 19, 2021

Genesis 15:4-6

​​The marriage journey can be a challenging and difficult one. However, there is an important key to enduring the journey. Come find out this weekend as we continue our series Ancient Stories.

Part 3: David & Michal - Honoring Each Other

Sep 26, 2021

2 Samuel 6:16-23

Love causes a marriage to flourish but not many know what you need to preserve a marriage.

Part 4: Timothy, Lois & Eunice - Parenting

Oct 3, 2021

2 Timothy 1:3-5 & 2 Timothy 15-16

The greatest responsibility we have as parents is to lead our children to Christ, come and discover how to do it.

Part 5: Joseph & Brothers -
Family Conflicts

Oct 10, 2021

Genesis 37:3-4

Learn this weekend how you can navigate conflicts within the family.

Part 6: Find Your Tribe

Oct 17, 2021

1 Samuel 18:1

When you find your tribe you will find your purpose.

Part 7: Isaac & Rebekah - Singleness

Oct 24, 2021

Genesis 24:62-67

For many, being single can feel like a frustrating season. Join us this weekend to find out how to make singleness the single most fulfilling and fruitful season of your life.
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