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At the Movies 2019


Part 1: Aladdin

Aug 11, 2019

Daniel 3

God is not a magical genie waiting to grant your wishes. He doesn’t save us from everything, but He does save us for eternity.

Part 2: The Lion King

Aug 18, 2019

2. Timothy 1:8-9

We all have a role in God’s kingdom, but it’s easy to lose our way. Find your way back to God’s calling on your life.

Part 3: Toy Story

Aug 25, 2019

2 Corinthians 5:15,17

The guiding voice we listen to will influence what we find our identity in. Discover the true voice you should listen to and find your identity in.

Part 4: Avengers - Endgame

Sep 1, 2019

Hebrews 2:14-15

Death is inevitable for us all. Out of all “so-called” possibilities, only one person can truly save humanity from doom.
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