Click refresh on your life during this 5 week journey that speaks to the things that matter most.


Discover the truth that can endure the most difficult of circumstances. We’ll join with churches in South Florida to confront skepticism and find a faith that is Unsinkable.


Lights, camera, action. Join us as we kick-off At The Movies. Explore biblical truth behind Hollywood's biggest hits.


God doesn’t want us to be unprepared for adversity. You can still find hope, even when all hell breaks loose.


Close the books of 2019 by writing off debt.


Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our city. Jonah had a hate-hate relationship with Nineveh, the city he was called to love. Explore how God calls us to love our cities.


God’s commands exist to guide and correct us. Living outside the lines of his commands will lead to a wrecked life.


Relationships are difficult, conversations are tough and feelings get hurt.  So, let’s learn how to get better at being imperfect together.


Celebrate the simple gift of a child who would grow to be the savior.


Join us on the weekend of September 8 and experience a historic moment at Christ Fellowship.  Get ready for the start of Season 15!


There is something going on in everyone’s life. “What is God’s will” is one of the most asked questions a believer asks. 


Does your life feel complex & cluttered? It’s time to Simplify your schedule & regain control over your inner world. 

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