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"Together We Can Reach One More Child"

One More Child's mission is to provide Christ-centered services to vulnerable children and struggling families.

Who They Are & What They Do

Their vision is to bring hope to hurting children, to show that the love of Jesus changes lives and to impact the life of One More Child.

From the opening of our first orphanage in 1904 to our present-day ministries that have expanded around the globe, they are helping children in tangible ways.

Last year, they served 324,467 children through our Foster Care, Anti-Trafficking, Child Hunger, Single Moms and Family Support programs.

Whether it’s providing clean diapers to a newborn baby, food for a hungry child, safety for an abused child, or foster or adoptive homes to children in crisis, they work to share with children who have been abandoned, neglected or abused the healing love of Jesus.


They are passionate about continuing to help One More Child locally and globally. It’s simple, really: Love Changes Lives.


Their care is comprehensive and they passionately seek to serve One More Child.

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