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Christmas can feel like a curse instead of a blessing as we search for those things that will. God wants to reverse this trend and give you the wonderful life you are searching for.

It's A Wonderful Life Part 1 - Wonderful Life

God wants you to have a wonderful life. How can you find it? It’s all about who we listen to.

It's A Wonderful Life Part 2 - The Power of Debt

Debt can ruin your life. But proper financial stewardship allows you to be blessed and be a blessing to others.

It's A Wonderful Life Part 3 - God Has Moved On

Regret has the power to seize control of our minds and to lead us away from the destiny God has planned for us. Find out how you can resist the restraints of regret.

It's A Wonderful Life Part 4 - There Goes My Life

When adversity strikes, we tend to think: “there goes my life.” But where we see a crisis,  God sees an opportunity for growth and new life.

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