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You can help our church get noticed by writing a positive review. When you write a review, it tells others about God's work in our church. You can add photos and be specific about the things you enjoy at Christ Fellowship. Want to make a big impact? Copy/paste your review onto as many platforms as possible! Here are two examples of good reviews people have left for our church: 

  • This place is fantastic. I have only been attending a short while, after almost 40 years of not attending any church, and I am so happy with my decision. The Palmetto Campus feels like a sanctuary. People are so friendly and I can feel the love and fellowship in the air. Yes, the music is a little loud, but they are so gifted and their work is so moving. As we were leaving service this morning, I was already looking forward to next Sunday. I asked God to point me in the right direction, and he so delivered. I am now looking forward to volunteering and spending more time with them.

  • An awesome place to worship and understand the purpose God wants to reveal in your life. 





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