In a world cluttered by claims of truth, we’re going straight to the source in Conversationalist, a series of conversations that cuts through the noise to discover what God has to say about topics like racism, abortion, gender identity and others.

Conversationalist Part 4:
Anxiety & Depression

Have you ever felt like your heart beats so fast you can almost hear it? Maybe felt sad for so long, hopeless, or perhaps like life is too much? Anxiety and depression are real, and God has something to tell you about it. Join us this weekend to learn more about mental health and our resources to help you and your family.

Conversationalist Part 3:

“Addiction” is a word that can carry a heavy stigma, but it’s actually much more common than we think. Join us for part three of Conversationalist to discover what addiction reveals, and God’s way of dealing with it.

Conversationalist Part 2:

Racism is sin. So how do you respond in a culture filled with so many voices and opinions? Join us for part two of Conversationalist as we open up God’s Word to discover the biblical response to racism.

Conversationalist Part 1:
When Good People Suffer

When good people suffer, it can leave many feeling confused and discouraged in their faith. I mean, how could a good God allow that? Discover God’s purpose in suffering this weekend in part one of Conversationalist.