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Straight Up

When Jesus spoke about hard truths, he was always Straight Up.

Part 2: The Betrayal of Traditions

Apr 11, 2021

Mark 7:1-12

Sometimes traditions and rituals have a way of taking our focus off God to what doesn’t matter.

Part 3: Compassion For All

Apr 18, 2021

Mark 7:24-30

Never count anybody out, Jesus wants to have compassion for all people.

Part 4: True Greatness

Apr 25, 2021

Mark 10:35-45

The path to true greatness comes from serving.

Part 5: Sin & Hell

May 2, 2021

Mark 9:42-50

When we remind ourselves of the dangers of sin, our urgency against it rises.

Part 6: Straight Up About Marriage

May 9, 2021

Mark 10:1-11

Marriage has lost value and weight in the eyes of those around us. Be at church this weekend to learn what God has to say about marriage, and the value it holds in His eyes.

Part 7: Idol of Money

May 16, 2021

Mark 10:17-31

There are areas in our lives where we’re prone to be spiritually blind. We’ll discover how to identify these blindspots and what to do with them.

Part 8: Don’t Miss It

May 23, 2021

Mark 12:28-34

Don’t miss the greatest command that Jesus wants us to follow.
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