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The God Who Sees

"Where is God when I need Him?" Have you ever asked yourself this question? When life is a mess and the world only seems to get worse, it can be easy to feel like God is far away. Join us as we explore the meaning of El ROI—The God Who Sees.

Part 1: The God Who Sees Our Affliction

Feb 19, 2023

Genesis 16:7-16

Where is God when we're feeling down? Where is He when we go through adversity? Join us for the start of a brand new series as we explore the story of a woman who finds God in the midst of her struggle.

Part 2: The God Who Sees the Sign of Our Covenant

Feb 26, 2023

Genesis 17:1-8

Throughout history and even now, God gives His people unique signs that demonstrate His relationship with us. What are these signs and what do they mean? Find out as we explore the signs of God in part two of The God Who Sees.

Part 3: The Judge of All the Earth

Mar 5, 2023

Genesis 18:20-21

Judgment. It's a word we don't like to hear, and a feeling we don't want to experience. But what if judgment is necessary? Join us as we learn more about a judge who chose mercy over deserved punishment.

Part 4: The God Who Sees Those Who Look Back

Mar 12, 2023

Genesis 19:15-17

What's something in your life you wish you could have again? It can be easy to feel nostalgia toward our past, regretting things we've left behind—even if they were bad for us. Join us as we learn about what God says about these feelings, and the dangers that can happen when we look back.

Part 5: The God Who Sees Our Doubt

Mar 19, 2023

Genesis 18:10-12

Have you ever doubted God? Whether it was a friendship that went sour, a lost job, or a financial difficulty, we’ve all had moments where we doubted God’s faithfulness. While doubt is normal, it’s not okay to stay in it. Join us for part five of The God Who Sees to learn how God restores our faith.

Part 6: The God Who Sees Our Faith

Mar 26, 2023

Genesis 22:1-14

What is that thing in your life you treasure more than God? We don't like to admit it, but sometimes we can place material things, goals or even loved ones above God's place in our lives. Join us for the finale of The God Who Sees and learn why we can put our trust in God rather than in the treasures of our hearts.
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