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Wrestling with God: The Life of Jacob

Have you ever felt like you’ve disappointed God? Whether it’s the sins from your past or a bad habit you still can’t shake, we all have regrets about our sin. Join us for a brand new series as we learn about God’s unexpected response to an imperfect man.

Part 1: Wrestling with Our Destiny

Apr 16, 2023

Genesis 25:19-26

“You are in control of your destiny.” Have you ever heard that before? In today’s day and age, it’s common to think that we have total agency over our lives and that God is just a distant observer. Join us as we learn how we can know that God’s plan and control is always better than our desires.

Part 2: Wrestling with Temptation

Apr 23, 2023

Genesis 25:29-34

It’s the most classic slippery slope—the temptation to sin. Why is temptation so dangerous? What exactly are we tempted with in our everyday lives? Join us and discover how God can lead you away from the sinful slope and into eternal joy.

Part 3: Wrestling with God's Plan

Apr 30, 2023

Genesis 27:1-7

We’ve all heard about it, but none of us know its details—God’s plan. How can we know exactly what His will is for our lives? What should we do when we don’t know? Join us for part three of this series as we learn the dangers of wrestling with God’s plan.

Part 4: Wrestling with Getting to Heaven

May 7, 2023

Genesis 28:10-12

“Am I going to heaven? How do I get there? Is Heaven even real?” These are just a few of the questions we’ve all asked ourselves. Join us as we learn about the one true path to the place we all desire to enter.

Part 5: Wrestling with God for Blessings

May 21, 2023

Genesis 32:22-26

“To whom much is given, much is required.” If you’ve ever heard that phrase, it was probably after a hard lesson on the responsibility we have to use our blessings wisely. But how do we get to the first part of that phrase? What about the times when God is not giving us the blessings we so desire to have? Find out the truth about blessings as we explore the famous story of a man who wrestles God in the flesh.

Part 6: Wrestling with our Idols

May 28, 2023

Genesis 35:2-4, 10

When you think of the word “idol”, what comes to mind? It might be a golden statue, a mythological god or even a pop star. But did you know that idolatry encompasses so much more than that? Discover the truth about idols in the finale of Wrestling with God.
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