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FRIDAY, MARCH 6 | 7-9pm 


For many of us, this All In series has already led you to engage the Lord like never before. And consequently, it has led you to be already All In in terms of you trust, surrender, and generosity towards the work of Christ. For those of you who are ready to enter this season, I want to invite you to our Advanced Commitment Night on Friday, March 6th. I don't have to tell you, but there is something special about wanting to be first and lead the way for other people to trust Christ. And this is the night where we will be doing just that where our Heavenly Father will be honored as He sees His children take the first steps in their commitment to Him.

Because this is going to be such a special and significant night in the life of our church, our worship, production, and creative teams are preparing an incredible experience for us. It will be an opportunity for all of our campuses to worship together and honor the Lord as we enter this next season. Everyone is welcomed to this special night. Can't wait to see you all there!

- Spanish translation and American Sign Language will be provided.

- Childcare will be provided for infants through fifth grade.


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This is a tool to help you think about your commitment to All In. Bring your card to Advance Commitment Night filled out with your pledge to our two year journey. Allow it to inspire you toward greater generosity as we give together.

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