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Do you have a high standard of musical and administrative excellence with a passion for leading teams? If so, read on.


  • The Central Worship Director will be a full-time staff member who will serve under the Worship Ministry Director.

  • The Central Worship Director helps lead the planning, execution, and implementation of the worship experience across all CF campuses.

  • As part of ensuring the worship experience across all CF campuses is as high as it can be, a strong emphasis will be placed on the scheduling, onboarding, and managing of the personnel that executes content across the campuses.


  • Schedule, oversee, and coach teams across all CF campuses on a weekly basis 

  • Aid in central content creation for weekend services which entails interfacing with other departments as needed (i.e. song lists, special elements, video and music packages, musical arrangements, etc.)

  • Aid in making critical personnel and content decisions for the department, helping onboard new team members as needed, aiming for a healthy balance between heart and talent

  • Serve on the weekends at various campuses in their respective position to lead the bands and interface with the tech team(s) in executing the weekend worship experience

  • Handle various central duties as assigned (i.e. song flow, Spanish content)

Required Experience and Education:

  • Three years or more as a Worship Director of a multi-site church; leading multiple contract and volunteer members

  • Minimum associates degree, bachelor of arts in related field desired

Core Competencies:

  • Efficient ability in process management, scheduling, and timeline management

  • Excellent organization and planning skills

  • Excellent team management and leadership skills

  • Strong vocalist and able to lead large and small venues

It would be great if you have experience in:


  • Google Sheets, Ableton, and Planning Center

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