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With the right vision, every home can be made beautiful. See how God can change a broken home into a Fixer Upper.

Fixer Upper Part 1 - Envision

God has a vision for your family. See the potential that God has in your broken situation.

Fixer Upper Part 2 - Demolition Day

The foundation of a home is crucial to its endurance. Make Christ the foundation of your home.

Fixer Upper Part 3 - Husbands Lead Your Wives

God has given husbands a unique responsibility in shaping the home.

Fixer Upper Part 4 - Dream Wives

The Lord uses husbands and wives in unique and powerful ways to lead the home.

Fixer Upper Part 6 - Fathers

The role of a Father is a special calling that reflects the heart of God.

Fixer Upper Part 7 - Train Up A Child

Parents are to lead and guide their kids down the right path.

Fixer Upper Part 8 - Prodigals

Restoration and forgiveness are important parts of bringing a broken home back together.

Fixer Upper Part 9 - Finances

Good financial priorities can be a critical part of building a lasting home.

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