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Team Description 

  • This team uses art, media and beauty to tell stories that help people follow Jesus.



  • Animator - Animation is the art of making images come to life on screen for videos, social media and websites.

  • Graphic Designer - These designers help support our teaching pastors' sermons and also create graphic support for different ministries and campuses.

  • Motion Graphics - Put simply, they design graphics that are in motion! Working across a wide range of projects, motion graphic designers create artwork and vivid visual effects that bring a simple piece of video content to an entirely new level.

  • Office Assistant - Assist the Creative Admin with special projects and tasks around the office.

  • Photographer - Members of this team capture everything from a new believer’s baptism, to a shot of a smiling family at Easter.

  • Proofers - Proofers have a knack for fixing any grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors and double check that names, places and organizations are spelled properly and that facts, dates and statistics are accurate.

  • Project Manager - In order to help the Creative Team be successful at what they do, the Project Manager makes to-do lists, coordinates, organizes, and keeps projects on track and within budget. 

  • Storyteller/Producer - Storytellers are filmmakers, photographers and journalists that seek to give glory to God by making it possible for the church and the world to see, hear, and read about the great things God is accomplishing. 

  • Video Production (Recording & Set Design) - This team is in charge of setting the stage for all of CF’s recorded material, and jump behind the camera to capture the action on film.

  • Video Post Production Using programs such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects, these team members take pride in combining footage, music, and animation to help people come closer to Jesus.

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