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Help For Churches

We want to help your church!

At Christ Fellowship we have a passion for helping churches across Miami-Dade that are plateaued or declining, regain momentum and become flourishing congregations again. In recent years, we’ve been privileged to come alongside several congregations that were stuck to begin a new chapter together in helping people follow Jesus.​The result? Struggling churches have been revitalized & rebirthed into a new season of vibrant Gospel ministry! Watch the story below of how a 130 year old dying church in downtown Miami was resurrected back to life – and became a vibrant congregation again reaching hundreds of new families, young adults, and neighbors in their community for Christ.



Is your church stuck, plateaued, or declining? Maybe we can help! E-mail Pastor Carlos Cardenas and let us encourage you. We’d love to help in any way we can. Together, we believe the best is yet to come!

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