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Christmas at Christ Fellowship

When you celebrate Christmas at Christ Fellowship, you’ll take a closer look at the key characters that played a part of Jesus’s birth.

Part 1: Three Wise Men

Nov 29, 2020

Matthew 2:1-16

When we seek God, God ensures that we can find Him.

Part 2: Unplanned Detours

Dec 6, 2020

Matthew 1:18-21

What do we do when life leads us through unplanned detours?

Part 3: Favor Ain’t Fair

Dec 13, 2020

Luke 1:28-32

Our perspective changes when we realize God’s favor in our lives.

Part 4: Some Good News

Dec 20, 2020

Luke 2:8-14

This year has been a year filled with bad news. This week, we’ll hear the Good News God has for you.

Part 5: God’s Greatest Present For You

Dec 24, 2020

Isaiah 7:14

God offered us eternal salvation by sending His son, Jesus, to earth as our Savior.

Part 6: Growth in 2021

Dec 27, 2020

John 15

A new year is an opportunity for change. Make this year your strongest yet.
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