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Re-sil-ient; Defined - “able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.” Have you ever experienced the bending, stretching and compressing battles of life? Join us for a brand new series as we explore the life of Joseph and how he stood firm in his faith against all odds.

Part 1: Resilient When Wronged

Jun 4, 2023

Genesis 37:26-28

When someone wrongs you, how do you respond? As we navigate this fallen world, we're bound to experience the pain and discouragement that comes when others sin against us. Join us and learn how we can stand firm in our faith, even when we've been betrayed by the ones we love.

Part 2: Resilient When Tempted

Jun 11, 2023

Genesis 39:6-9

"It's not that bad for me..." How many times have you said those words to yourself? When we're faced with the temptations of life, it's easy to fall for their empty promises of satisfaction and joy. Join us as we explore the life of Joseph and learn how we can be resilient against temptation.

Part 3: Resilient in Waiting

Jun 25, 2023

Genesis 39:20-21, Genesis 40:14-15,23

What does it mean to "wait on the Lord"? Is it just another form of encouragement, or does it have deeper significance? Join us as we learn how we can put "waiting on God" into real action in our lives by learning from Joseph's years of waiting.

Part 4: Resilient in Forgiveness

Jul 2, 2023

Genesis 45:3-5

“I can forgive but I can’t forget” Have you heard or felt that way before? Join us this weekend to learn why and how we can truly forgive and the positive impact in can have in our lives.

Part 5: Resilient in Trusting God's Purpose

Jul 9, 2023

Genesis 50:18-20, Romans 8:28

"If God is so good, why am I suffering?" When we encounter adversity, our human nature always wonders why. What is the reason for hardship in the life of a believer? Do we always deserve the pain we experience? Why does God allow it? Join us as we explore these questions in the life of a man who suffered greatly at the hands of his own family.
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