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Romans 8

How can the Spirit of God empower us to live a godly life? The Holy Spirit not only helps us to overcome sin, but also helps us experience the life that God has for us. Come and learn from a verse by verse study through Romans 8, what some consider to be the greatest chapter in the Bible.

Part 1: I Am Free

Jun 19, 2022

Romans 8:1-4

Some people think they'll never live up to God's expectations, and others are nearly drowning in guilt over past sins. Watch as we discover why there is no condemnation for those in Christ, and why that can change how we view our lives.

Part 2: What’s Your Mindset?

Jun 26, 2022

Romans 8:5-8

In life, we have two different paths. Join us to discover which one you’re on and how you can reset your mind and stay on the right path.

Part 3: Life Made New

Jul 3, 2022

Romans 8:9-11

Freedom from the power of sin is not only possible, but expected. How do we do that? Watch as we take a closer look at the Journey to new life in Christ.

Part 4: Are you killing it?

Jul 10, 2022

Romans 8:12-13

Imagine getting a text that said all your debt was paid in full. How would that change your life? That's exactly what happens when we become heirs with Christ. But what does that mean? Watch and find out as we continue our study in the Book of Romans.

Part 5: I wish I knew I was a child of God

Jul 17, 2022

Romans 8:14-17

Feeling fearful or afraid of God? Watch to learn about the privileges of being a child of God and how we can have a life free from every chain.

Part 6: Worth The Wait

Jul 24, 2022

Romans 8:17-18

"The best is yet to come" Have you ever heard that phrase? In Christ, we can be assured that despite what we go through in this life, there is a better future for us. Want to know what that is?

Part 7: The Hope Of Our Redemption

Jul 31, 2022

Romans 8:19-25

Hope. So much power in such a small word. Hope allows us to dream and find joy, and oftentimes it sustains us during a difficult season. Being that hope is so important, it is time to ask ourselves: are we placing our hope in the right place?

Part 8: The Weakest Point of our Race

Aug 7, 2022

Romans 8:26-27

Struggling to express what's on your heart and mind? Sometimes this is true in our prayer life, but God sends us a helper that always knows what to say. Watch to find out who that person is.

Part 9: A Promise for the Anxious Heart

Aug 14, 2022

Romans 8:28-30

There is an unbreakable chain of events that are part of every story of redemption. Watch to learn more about how this chain is formed.

Part 10: God Is For You

Aug 21, 2022

Romans 8:31-34

If God is good, why do we face difficulties in life? Watch to find out how we can be certain that God is always good and always with us even in hard times.

Part 11: Inseparable Love

Aug 28, 2022

Romans 8:35-39

Am I really loved? How can God love me after all my mistakes? If God loves me, why am I going through hardship? There’s one thing you must know, God loves you and nothing you do can change that. Watch to learn more about the love that God has for you.
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