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The Songs Of Christmas

Christmas carols are some of the most famous songs of our time, but did you know the Bible has its own songs? Who wrote this music and what does it reveal to us about God? Join us this season as we learn more about these songs and how they impact our lives today.

Part 1: The Song of His Mercy

Dec 4, 2022

Luke 1:46-53

When Mary was pregnant with Jesus, she was so happy that she started to sing. Join us as we learn what Mary’s song means and how it reveals a special attribute of God.

Part 2: The Song of His Light

Dec 11, 2022

Luke 1:76-79

At nightfall or during a storm, we always gravitate towards flashlights, lamps and any light source we can find. Have you ever wondered why there is something in us that wants light when things get dark? Join us as we learn more about a light that never goes out.

Part 3: The Song of His Peace

Dec 18, 2022

Luke 2:10-14

Peace. It’s on Christmas cards, wrapping paper, advent calendars and festive PJs. It’s an iconic word of the Christmas season. So why does it feel sometimes like this season is anything but peaceful? Join us as we learn about a supernatural peace that cuts through all the noise of the holidays.

Part 4: The Song of His Salvation

Dec 25, 2022

Luke 2:22-38

Discover the ultimate gift that surpasses all expectations! Whether you're looking forward to presents, delicious meals, or quality time with loved ones, don't let the disappointments of reality distract you from the true meaning of Christmas.
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