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Guest Services Team

Each weekend our Guest Services Team members are here to serve you by assisting you with parking your car, greeting and ushering so you’ll have an extraordinary experience.



Create a comfortable environment for our guests by offering a safe and easy parking experience with a high-energy welcome and clear directions.

Street Team

Greet guests as they arrive at our locations with a warm smile and welcome, oftentimes holding a sign with an encouraging message.


They welcome guests as they step onto the campus and hand out needed resources before or after the services. They may be called upon to assist with offering and communion.


Serve by providing a warm and friendly welcome to our guests while directing them to their seats and assisting. They collect the offering and communion.

Next Steps

Guides our guests to discover their next step and are knowledgeable in helping everyone find Jesus.


Works closely alongside our Next Steps Team and are knowledgeable on all areas of our church.


Serves our guest by making conducive environment for relational connections by providing delicious coffee and seasonal refreshments.


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