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Team Night

Wednesday, February 17th @ 7-8:30pm 

Team Night is designed to affirm, align and equip our team members. There is a short campus gathering and longer team breakouts. Existing team members will be trained and new team members will be welcomed.



What happens if I have no experience, will a team still accept me?

  • Absolutely! We will help get you connected to a team.


What if I don’t know which team to serve on, where do I start?

  • Come to Team Night, tell us more about yourself and we’ll help you find the right team by the end of the night.


If I already serve on a team, I don’t need to come right?

  • Wrong. This night is meant to encourage you. You will also get a chance to hang and chill with your campus.


Where are the locations?


What teams will host training that night?

  • CF Kids, CF Students, Guest Services, Production & Worship at all campuses.

  • Palmetto Bay will also offer Creative & Communications and Security & Medical.

  • All Team Members are welcomed to attend Team Night.  If you are part of a different team, your leadership in Guest Services would be greatly appreciated.

Is there childcare?

  • No it is not. That being said, we want to do everything we can to help you participate and enjoy Team Night so we have created a system to offset the cost of a sitter by reimbursing parents in need up to $20. You can fill in the childcare reimbursement form.

Will there be food?

  • Light refreshments will be offered from 6:30 to 7pm.

How do I sign up to serve on a team?

  • Check out our options here

Will the experience be safe, spacious & sanitized?

  • Yes. We are not handing out hard copies of documents or handing around iPads to check in to keep us safe. We are selecting larger rooms to keep us spacious. And we are cleaning high touch areas after the services on Sunday to keep us sanitized.

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