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A Special Offering to support The Backpack Program

Weekend Meals For Kids

In Miami-Dade County, thousands of kids rely on their schools to provide them with free meals, but what happens on the weekends? This school year, you can make sure no child goes hungry. By supporting Caring For Miami’s Backpack Program, you’re not just providing food—you’re providing hope, stability and care to children in our community. Be a part of the solution and give to Weekend Meals for Kids today!

For just $8.50, you can feed a child for a weekend. Our goal is to feed 450 children for the whole school year.

  • Sponsor a kid for a month for $34

  • Sponsor a kid for 3 months for $102

  • Sponsor a kid for half a school year for $170

  • Sponsor a kid for a whole school year for $340

This means our goal is to raise $153,000 to feed 450 children for the entire school year. Every dollar will bring us closer to ensuring that no child goes hungry. 

Jul. 7 - Aug. 4, 2024


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Backpack Program? 

The Backpack Program is one of the ways Caring for Miami serves the community, where children who rely on school-funded breakfast and lunches are provided meals to help sustain them over the weekend.

What is Weekend Meals For Kids?

It is a special giving campaign that will run July 7th - August 4th to help feed 450 students for the whole school year.

How much is it to feed a child in the Backpack Program?

To feed one child for a weekend it cost about $8.50, which includes six meals. A child fed for a whole school year cost about $340.

Who will be served in Weekend Meals For Kids?

We will be serving the children in need throughout Miami-Dade County that have been identified by participating schools and their staff members.

What does the Weekend Meals for Kids entail?

Weekend Meals for Kids ensures that at the end of the school week, the identified child has a bag with six meals that will sustain them over the weekend until they come back to school on Monday.

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