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The God Who Sees

Feb 19, 2023

"Where is God when I need Him?" Have you ever asked yourself this question? When life is a mess and the world only seems to get worse, it can be easy to feel like God is far away. Join us as we explore the meaning of El ROI—The God Who Sees.

The Songs Of Christmas

Dec 4, 2022

Christmas carols are some of the most famous songs of our time, but did you know the Bible has its own songs? Who wrote this music and what does it reveal to us about God? Join us this season as we learn more about these songs and how they impact our lives today.

The Family Trust

Jan 8, 2023

A series on the life of Abraham as an example of how a family can remain faithful to God despite facing uncertainty and hostility in their culture.

Some Thankful News

Nov 27, 2022

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your way and can’t get back? In one of the most famous parables, Jesus describes how God’s one-of-a-kind love puts us on His perfect path. How? Find out in this powerful message for Thanksgiving weekend.

Individual Sermons

Jan 1, 2023

Stand-alone sermons on various topics throughout the Bible.

Skeptics Welcome

Oct 8, 2022

Does God really exist? How do we know the Bible is truly God’s Word? In our culture, it’s common and even encouraged to be skeptical about the things of God. Believer or not, you may have these questions and are looking for answers. Come join us for Skeptics Welcome and get your questions answered.
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