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Your Father's Heart

Apr 7, 2024

After being with the people of Israel for about 40 years, Moses knows that his time on Earth is almost up. As he prepares to be with the Lord, Deuteronomy records Moses’ final reminders to God’s people. What are these final writings? What does it reveal about God and His heart? Join us are we learn five important things we should know about our Heavenly Father.

Unholy Wandering

Jan 14, 2024

In their journey to the Promised Land, the Israelites wandered the wilderness for forty years. Why couldn’t they get to the Promised Land sooner? What “unholy” things were the Israelites doing? Join us as we continue our study of the Old Testament and hear some fascinating stories from their four-decades-long journey of wandering.

Easter at Christ Fellowship 2024

Mar 24, 2024

Celebrate Easter with us! We will have FREE egg hunts for the kids, live music and a powerful sermon for you and your entire family, in English and Spanish.

Individual Sermons

Jan 7, 2024

Stand-alone sermons on various topics throughout the Bible.

For God's Sake, Fight!

Mar 3, 2024

Marriage is wonderful, but it’s never perfect. Often, those imperfections can lead to painful fights, endless arguments and a desire to give up and walk away. What’s the solution when all feels lost? How can we avoid getting to that point? Join us as we learn how to fight for our marriages the right way, and how to have lasting, healthy relationships.

New Years at CF

Dec 31, 2023

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Is it to be healthier? To grow in your faith? To be a better person? Real change can often feel out of reach, even when we try our hardest. How should we respond when we feel like giving up? Watch to discover how we can resolve to be doers where it really counts—in our relationship with God.
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