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For God's Sake, Fight!

Marriage is wonderful, but it’s never perfect. Often, those imperfections can lead to painful fights, endless arguments and a desire to give up and walk away. What’s the solution when all feels lost? How can we avoid getting to that point? Join us as we learn how to fight for our marriages the right way, and how to have lasting, healthy relationships.

Part 1: The Right Enemy

Mar 3, 2024

Genesis 3:1-7

When a man and a woman are united in marriage, they become one flesh under God. But this one union can easily become divided. Why is it so easy to fight your other half? Is divorce an acceptable option when arguments are never-ending? Despite what you may feel, your spouse is not your enemy. Learn who the true enemy of your marriage is in part one of For God’s Sake, Fight!

Part 2: The Right Way

Mar 10, 2024

Genesis 3:9-13

Have you ever said something that you immediately regretted afterward? Sometimes, the arguments with people we love the most can bring out words that hurt the most. Is fighting a normal part of marriage? How much fighting is too much? How should we approach arguments as Christian couples? Join us as we learn the value of fighting and how to do it right.

Part 3: Fight to Rebuild

Mar 17, 2024

Nehemiah 1:1-3

Is there someone you’re holding a grudge over right now? Is that person your spouse? When we feel hurt and wronged, the people we’re closest to can be the hardest to forgive. How can spouses heal the pain and rebuild their marriage? Join us as we learn how to strengthen our marriages and forgive each other in the finale of For God’s Sake, Fight!
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