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During our All In series we saw God do some amazing things here in our church and also in our community.  Through your commitment and generosity, we as church were able to help so many and their families follow Jesus. From starting online CF Kids, Students and Young Adult services, to being able to serve our community through food drives, school beautifications and serving our first responders. We were able to serve our city like never before because of your generosity.  

"Our mission, the reason we exist, is to help you follow the Lord in every area of your life. Nothing more, nothing less."


– Pastor Omar Giritli

The weekend of January 9 was a special one because we shared with you our Vision for the church and our plans for the next 1, 3 and 5 years. 




During the upcoming year, there will be three primary focuses for Christ Fellowship:


  1. Our FIRST focus will be to successfully relaunch our Downtown Campus. After more than two years of renovation and restoration, this state of the art facility will not only honor the past by restoring the building to its original beauty and splendor, but at the same time look towards the future to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. 

  2. Our SECOND focus will be renovating and modernizing all of our CF Kids facilities. For over 104 years, we have been a church that has focused on helping our children grow in the knowledge and the love of God. The last time our kids ministry was updated was 15 years ago and we have seen thousands of children impacted throughout the years. This will be a multi-year process, which will begin this year.

  3. Our THIRD focus will be to take our LVLUP Program to the next level. Christ Fellowship has developed its own leadership development program where every staff and church member can take their leadership potential to the next level. We need to prepare the leaders of tomorrow today.


And here is why it is critical that we spend a lot of time developing the leaders of tomorrow…




  1. We would like to see an expansion of three new campuses. We believe that what our communities need more than anything are Christ centered churches where the glorious gospel is proclaimed every week. These campuses will focus on their own specific communities by serving them, meeting their needs, and bringing them the message of hope. Communities like Miami Lakes, Tamiami, or Miami Shores.

  2. We would love to see our first full out Spanish campus in Hialeah. Having Spanish services positions us to be able to start a full out Spanish campus. Hialeah is the city with the highest percentage of a Hispanic population in the entire nation.

  3. Globally, we are positioning ourselves to launch a new campus in a new country, we are praying about Puerto Rico and Mexico or wherever God opens a country to us. 

  4. Digitally, we are also looking to elevate our online engagement. We want to be a church that provides studio quality mid-week resources that can engage and equip our families to pursue Christ like never before.




And within the next FIVE YEARS, not only would we like to see more campuses being established, but we also want to minister to those hurting in our city like never before.


One of the primary ways we serve those in our city who are hurting and under-resourced is through Caring for Miami. 


  1. MOBILE UNIT: Our current bus was bought in 2013 and throughout the years we have served 6,149 people, providing 18,280 different services with a value of $2,229,255.  It has been amazing to see what God has done in just eight years. Unfortunately, our current bus is beginning to break down and hinder our ability to provide these valuable services. Therefore we are looking to upgrade our Dental Bus to a new, bigger bus that can travel to more communities in Miami and provide a higher number of free dental services. With every patient, we are not only able to meet their immediate physical need, but also their spiritual need by showing them the love of Christ. 

  2. Our dream is to convert our current dental bus to a mobile market bus with fresh produce and groceries where under-resourced people can obtain free and fresh food. Our mobile market would    go to the areas of most needs and allow folks to shop free of charge so that their immediate needs    are met and their dignity remains intact. 

  3. CHRIST FELLOWSHIP ACADEMY: CFA has been a ministry of the church for nearly 50 years and many families have been led to follow Jesus through the leadership of our teachers and staff. In the coming years, we anticipate more families in our city looking for a safe and Christian education. We are looking to expand our Christ Fellowship Academy to other campuses across Miami where we can offer a quality education in a Christ centered environment.


Christ Fellowship, the Lord has given us a bold vision and the resources to accomplish that. So let’s come together as the people of God to reach Miami for Christ! 

“Where there is no Vision, the people perish.”

-Proverbs 29:18 

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