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We would love to see you this Tuesday at 7:30pm!

With locations all around Miami, there's a place for you here. You can also follow us on Instagram and YouTube.


Follow Me // Part 4

The Rewards of Fasting

Fasting can be such a vague topic and there are so many reasons why people have fasted for centuries. People like John the Baptist fasted in anticipation of the coming Messiah. Then there were people like the Pharisees who used fasting as a means of showing others that they were more religious than others. But Jesus gives a very different message about the purpose of fasting and that is ultimately to find intimacy with God.


"The Heart of Worship"  

adult-ish podcast Season 2 Ep. 5

As Christians, a major part of our relationship with Jesus is this thing called WORSHIP. Today, we're sitting down with some of our talented worship team members, looking back at some of their most embarrassing worship experiences, unpacking what it means to worship in and outside of the four walls of the church and so much more.


YA vs. CFS Summer Games

Behind The Scenes (Week 4)

The final battle of the epic summer games! Check out what really went down behind the scenes in the ultimate summer relay race!


What do Tuesday night gatherings look like?

Tuesday night is our weekly gathering for Young Adults between the ages of 18-29. Here we connect to community through worship, group study, breakouts, and fellowship. Our commitment is to help Young Adults follow Jesus, build community, and live a purposeful life that will impact those around them.

What should I expect?

Making genuine connections as a Young Adult can be daunting, but on Tuesday nights it doesn’t have to be. Connected as a family but with our own flavor each campus has a distinct personality and with five to choose from, you’ll be sure to find your YA fam. If it’s your first time, be sure to speak with your director so we can get you connected because the spirit of fellowship should always continue throughout the week.

What do we value?

At Young Adults, we believe that accountability and discipleship should be instilled at any given moment. By doing this, it allows for open dialogue and edifying conversations that rise up a people strong in their convictions ultimately living out the great commission.


ZEAL is a bi-annual event that brings together Young Adults at one location! A specially tailored experience geared towards your needs through powerful worship, a spirit-stirring message, and other special elements make this an event you definitely don’t want to miss!


adult-ish is a Young Adults Podcast powered by the Christ Fellowship Miami Young Adults ministry. Through this podcast, we tackle relatable (and sometimes sensitive) topics experienced by Christian YA's in today's society.