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The last words of the wisest man who ever lived.

A study through the book of Ecclesiastes.

Chasing Wind Part 6 - 
Chasing Fear of God

Is fearing God the same as being scared of God? This weekend is the finale of Chasing Wind and we're learning exactly what this means for our lives. Don't miss out!

Chasing Wind Part 5 - 
Chasing Perfect Seasons

What does it mean ‘for everything there Is a season’? Life can be complicated to comprehend, especially when things don’t go as we plan. But God has a purpose for every season in our lives, and this weekend we will learn how we can find contentment despite our circumstances.

Chasing Wind Part 4 - 
Chasing Wealth

Why do we chase wealth? To have more? To help more? Or to compensate for something missing in our life? Join us this weekend as we continue our series Chasing Wind.

Chasing Wind Part 3 - 
Chasing Hard Work

While chasing hard work, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most in life. Join us this weekend as we learn how to not just live to work, but live for a greater purpose.

Chasing Wind Part 2 - 
Chasing Pleasure

If you search for pleasure in hopes that it will bring you satisfaction and joy you will end up disappointed. Solomon searched for happiness and satisfaction apart from God for a lifetime and came to some shocking conclusions… So what is pleasure for? Come find out this weekend.

Chasing Wind Part 1 - 
Chasing Wisdom

True wisdom can result in a God-centered life, rich in fulfillment, blessings and forgiveness. But what happens when we reject this gift? Join us this weekend as we learn more about true wisdom.

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