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No matter which season your marriage is in, we are here for you!

Marriage Seminar

Thank you for coming to our Marriage Seminar this weekend! We hope you and your spouse were blessed by it and we pray God continues to strengthen your marriage.

If you weren’t able to make it or if you would like to experience the seminar again, you can watch all of the sessions below! And on the right you’ll also find other marriage resources and a PDF of our Marriage Seminar booklet.

Session 1: Theology of Marriage

This session discusses the heart of marriage and why it truly matters. You’ll explore the essential dynamics of husband-wife relationships and discover practical ways to make your union stronger. You’ll also take a closer look at the origins of marriage, its significance, and how husbands and wives interact with each other in this sacred bond.


Session 2: Communication

This insightful session focuses on strengthening your relationship through effective communication. Enhance your marriage communication skills and learn practical techniques to help your spouse understand you better, address underlying issues, and navigate conflicts positively.


Session 3: Intimacy

In this essential session discover the significance of intimacy in marriage and how to cultivate it. Explore the definition of intimacy and its role in a healthy marriage. This session is dedicated to helping you navigate the pressures of maintaining intimacy while guiding your marriage to a fulfilling and connected union.


Session 4: Energizing Cycle (Part 1)

This session aims to equip you with key strategies to express love and respect towards your spouse. Explore the power of using two acronyms that will energize your marriage.


Session 4: Energizing Cycle (Part 2)

Together you and your spouse will honor the sacred vows made on your wedding day and celebrate the growth and transformation that has taken place. This special occasion will help you recommit yourselves to the pursuit of a godly marriage that will last a lifetime.

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Dynamic Section 2

Reach Beyonds

Reach Beyonds
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