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Kingdom Come

2020 showed us that earthly political and social kingdoms lead to disappointment and frustration. But what the Kingdom of God offers is much better. Come find out.

Part 1: These Are Exciting Times

Jan 3, 2021

Mark 1:1-14

The kingdom of God is the great goal towards which all the plans and purposes of God reach.

Part 2: The Symbol of the Kingdom

Jan 10, 2021

Mark 1:9-11

God has given us a powerful symbol of being part of the Kingdom.

Part 3: The Tests of the Kingdom

Jan 17, 2021

Mark 1:12-13

Our journey into the Kingdom will not be an easy one. It will be filled with many temptations.

Part 4: Entering the Kingdom

Jan 24, 2021

Mark 1:14-15

There’s a lot of confusion on how one enters the Kingdom of God, but He has made a way.

Part 5: Walking in the Kingdom

Jan 31, 2021

Mark 1:16-20

God has given you a calling in this life.
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