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Living the Good Life

We all envision how “living the life” should be, but Jesus will teach us the true meaning of Living The Good Life.

Part 1: Obedience

Jun 20, 2021

Mark 9:1-13

The world’s version of “the good life” will overpromise and underdeliver. But the good life Jesus promises always delivers beyond our wildest expectations.

Part 2: Don’t Waste Your Life

Jun 27, 2021

Mark 14:3-9

Have you ever wondered if you are wasting your life? Find out how you can live a life that is not wasted.

Part 3: Remembrance

Jul 4, 2021

Mark 14:12-16, 22-25

Just as the Fourth of July has been designated as a special day to celebrate our freedom, so too has God designated special moments for us to remember.

Part 4: Eyes Up

Jul 11, 2021

Mark 14:32-42

In order for us to live the good life, we must keep our spiritual eyes up through the power of prayer.

Part 5: Access Granted

Jul 18, 2021

Mark 15:33-39

Through Jesus we have been granted access to God.

Part 6: The Resurrection of Jesus Changes Everything

Jul 25, 2021

Mark 16:1-8

Jesus' resurrection changed human history, it can do the same with your life.
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