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Miracle Worker

Throughout His time on earth, Jesus performed many miracles to teach valuable lessons.

Part 1: Proving His Authority

Feb 7, 2021

Mark 1:21-28

Jesus never performed miracles for the sake of putting on a show. Every miracle pointed to a greater truth.

Part 2: Restored To Serve

Feb 14, 2021

Mark 1:29-31

Many people use their power and position to be served, but Jesus has a different plan.

Part 3: The Authority To Forgive

Feb 21, 2021

Mark 2:1-12

Everyone has needs. But we all share the greatest need. Come find out what it is.

Part 4: Miracle Of Provision

Feb 28, 2021

Mark 6:31-40

We are to put everything in the hands of God. But there’s one area in our lives we have difficulty surrendering.

Part 5: Do Not Fear

Mar 7, 2021

Mark 6:45-52

Fear has a way of consuming our lives.
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