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The Family Trust

A series on the life of Abraham as an example of how a family can remain faithful to God despite facing uncertainty and hostility in their culture.

Part 1: Trusting God in Uncertainty

Jan 8, 2023

Genesis 12:1-9

Stepping into the unknown can be intimidating and overwhelming, causing feelings of doubt and uncertainty. It's natural to question our faith and ask God, “Why is this happening?” Join us as we explore the story of a biblical family that remained faithful in the face of uncharted territory.

Part 2: Trusting God in a Sinful Society

Jan 15, 2023

Genesis 13:2-13

Everyday, we make decisions as individuals and as families. The challenge is how to choose the right thing when we’re surrounded by sin everywhere we go. How should we navigate life in a sinful society? Find out in part two of The Family Trust.

Part 3: Trusting God with His Provision

Jan 22, 2023

Genesis 14:17-20

Every month, we all face our finances. For many, this can be a time of worry, fear and uncertainty. How can we overcome that? What does God want us to do with our resources? Find out in part three of The Family Trust.

Part 4: Trusting God in His Promises

Jan 29, 2023

Genesis 15:1-6

We hear it all the time, “God’s promises never fail.” But how can we be certain in a world filled with disappointment and broken commitments? Join us as we explore the journey of a family that experiences a fulfilled promise first-hand.

Part 5: Trusting God in the Waiting

Feb 5, 2023

Genesis 16:1-6

“If God is faithful, why hasn’t He responded to my prayers?” In seasons of waiting, it’s natural for us to feel impatient and forgotten. Why does God make us wait? How does He want us to act in these moments? Find out in part five of The Family Trust.

Part 6: Trusting God Breaks Sinful Patterns

Feb 12, 2023

Genesis 20:1-2

What is that sinful pattern you need to break? Whether it's a bad habit or an unhealthy routine, we all fall into struggles with sin. How can God break them? Find out in the finale of The Family Trust.
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